Lag in my game, URGENT, I'll do an event with him soon


I am developing a game that has lag

It does not give me lag but when another device plays it it gives lag, and what I want is for my game to be for everyone regardless of their graphics processors or CPUs.

Another thing: how is it possible that games like brookhaven that have so many polygons do not lag?

Does anyone know how to solve the lag problem?


Could be a virus, check for the common virus terms.

otherwise, would you like some suggestions for optimizations?


like @clearlyelliot said it could be a virus, BUT here are some optimization things that could help

  1. Make sure that parts that are touching each other are moved away, it could cause lag if that is happening too much
  2. If there are parts that arent anchored but should be, make sure you anchor them
  3. This has to do with scripting, Make sure that if you have while true do loops that arent being used or arent needed, make sure you remove those as they can cause alot of lag if there are too many
  4. Also future lighting can cause ALOT of lag

Thats really all!


As to what BuilderDNoob was referring to before, Future Lighting has a memory leak which causes it to continuously increase in memory usage in gameplay, causing a lot of lag, which can be another factor


First off, who is this mysterious “him” that you speak of? Anyway, it’d help if we saw what you were using for models and your own unique builds, as well as the actual game you speak of. For your own unique builds, make sure that they’re not too union heavy. Most likely it’s either viruses or just a ton of unanchored parts lying around somewhere.


I have the future lighting LOL

Anchor everything, and most parts are made with union because there they said that joining parts also favored optimization for lag reduction, so what? Do I make the union or not?

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How can I detect a virus that I have? is that I verify all the scripts

I’d really suggest showing a picture of your game so we can get a better idea of what’s causing the lag.

As for now;

  • Check script performance (in Studio and on the device) to see if a script is causing a lot of activity/performance lag.
  • Anchor everything that doesn’t move.
  • Turn CanCollide and CanTouch off for objects that you want to walk through. It’s worth it to turn off CanCollide and CanTouch for every non-interactable object. (example: leaves, clouds, bushes)
  • Turn off CastShadow property on objects that don’t need it. (example: objects completely in the dark, small objects that don’t make big shadows, etc)

For those who are experiencing this problem and these steps have not solved the problem, check your game for viruses, scripts, and see if the plugins you are using are original. There is a plugin that checks the entire game and plguins for viruses automatically. Server Defender | OFFICIAL PLUGIN - Roblox

And if that still doesn’t solve it, check if the problem is only on your computer, because if it is, maybe the problem is some application consuming a lot of CPU/RAM/DISK or it’s your hardware. Open the task manager and check if there are any stats with a red alert, and if so, send me a message and I will be able to help.

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