Lag issue on my game trying of find a rendering distance

Hello developers!!
So recently I made a post about my game lagging I just found out a very high end devices play the game perfectly!! Sadly lower end devices including my self as a game owner :joy: can’t even play the game due to it crashing…

I need some sort of rendering distance like @BanTech scripted for Stepford county railway…

And since I can’t script I think this is very bad and could be stuck :frowning: and there isn’t any tutorials or anything about this issue on resources

  • What are you attempting to achieve? So all devices can support my game
  • What is the issue? Lower end devices lag so badly to the point that roblox client will crash
  • What solutions have you tried so far? Well I can’t delete parts as it my game based as a forest and deleteing the tress will ruin my game.

I need some sort of script that will stop this if anyone knows how to script is it possible to make a tutorial on a proper render distance than relying on roblox version.

Depending on the game, you might find it fairly easy to enable StreamingEnabled, which would hopefully help with the crashes.

Use the microprofiler to identify your biggest sources of lag - you might find that it’s not just the rendering. If your game has scripting then you may have some scripts that have long processing times.

Generally devices don’t crash from lag. They can do if it’s really severe and freezes the entire client, but normally a crash is due to memory rather than frames per second. Have a look at your memory usage on the client. If you don’t crash instantly, and it happens a while after joining, it may be a memory leak due to some scripting that actually increases the memory until it reaches your device’s limit.

It’s really important to understand the cause of the issues before embarking on a particular solution. It may be that you need to tackle it from multiple angles with a number of different solutions at once.


I agree with @BanTech
Sup BanTech love your games.

Thanks bantech for the advice I will have to look into microprofiler as I never heard of it to be honest.