Lag on one of my games, for some reason

So basically, on my game, everyone lags. I haven’t found the source of lag yet, people who are on TeamCreate (as developer) don’t lag based on what I can see.
I know the fact that there are a lot of free models, I want to convert slowly from free models to all made by myself.

If this is confusing for you, I will try to explain it somewhere.

Lots of objects, lots of free models which mean lag most of the times and thats it. You just need to make sure everything in the game is tidy and replace the free models.

I know about the free models, I just want to make my own fountain.

Also, I didn’t lag when i went in game.

So maybe it’s your computer? :no_mouth:

Well, I don’t lag myself. I have a tablet user who can’t even run the game.

What is his iPad? Maybe it’s bad?

And do you mean from lag or just you cant press the play button?

Lag in the game. The IPad they use, is a 6th gen IPad

Then I don’t really know the problem.

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