Lag spikes - Microprofiler shows LocalizationService taking a long time


My game generally runs smoothly, but every few seconds, I get a lag spike. When using the microprofiler, it shows LocalizationService - attemptTranslation being called 100s of times and taking a long time:

These spikes happen more frequently if the leaderstats are not disabled (using SetCoreGuiEnabled), some translation apparently happening for the leaderstats as well:

I am not sure if this happens for everyone, as I haven’t been getting reports of this. I am not calling this function in any of my scripts, even though in the first image it shows it under “ClientMain”, which is one of my local scripts.

Game link in case you want to run the microprofiler yourself for more information: Hospital Tycoon - Roblox

Has anyone else experienced this / does anyone have any insights on how to handle this? Is there any way to find out what exactly is being translated?

Thank you :slight_smile: