Laggy Objects On Server

I recently realized that if objects are owned by the server (network ownership) and moved using Roblox’s physics thru the server, they start to slow down if the server starts to do a lot of calculations in other places.

How do I fix/compensate this? Would it be better to have those objects on the client instead?

I have this magnificent helicopter that flies around the map but unfortunately it’s absolutely ruined when there’s AI Humanoids running around the map.

Any object that is purely visual should be made and handled on the client, not the server.

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How do I make sure all the clients are seeing the helicopter in the same place on their clients if the heli is using body movers?

Are you doing a helicopter flying? Or a user flying it.

If you are making a helicopter flying then I would recommend using TweenService or Animations

No one is controlling the helicopter. What happens if I want to sync it with body movers?

Like BodyForce / Gyro?

It’s using body velocity and body gyro on the server right now.

But why…?

Because that’s how I made it now i’m trying to fix an issue about it, which was described in my original post.

Yes but couldn’t you solve your problem by just using a simple animation?

There’s different paths depending on the map, size, etc.

That would easily outcome to over 25+ different animations. Plus there’s a ball and socket contract with the cargo load that I want to keep, which can only be done with the natural physics on this game.