Lakeys portfolios (low poly builder) [open]

Hello there :wave:.I’m lakey im a low poly builder :hammer_and_wrench: and i live in canada :canada: :heart:. i love pizza :wink: :pizza: and i loveeeeeee roblox&robux studio :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: i have been playing roblox for 4 years :yellow_heart:. thats all about me :heart: :wave:.
Like i said on top im a low poly builder :hammer_and_wrench: :heart: and im good at it im also learning ui and other stuff but main thing is low poly builde :heart:
Here are some of my work (note keep in mind have been doing low poly builder around 7-8 months and i would say im good at it! also i don’t do 3d models right now i need my other pc fixed :sob: :sob:

small work like shops and building-100-5k robux on how big and how much time ive put into it and how good it looks :money_with_wings:
bigger things like small citys-1k-20k :money_with_wings:
lobbys-1k-5k :money_with_wings:
maps-2k-19k :money_with_wings:
and when do work i need 10% payment first and also i only accept robux :slight_smile:
twitter:@lakeys00(follow me to talk)
im avalibe a lot im on a lot i can do 5-10hs a day and on weekends i might not be on.
thats it :heart: :heart: :heart: :wave: hopfully you hire me :wink:.

Hello! Your work looks good, I would try experimenting with brighter colors. I would lower your prices though, as they are a bit high for your work. Hope you can improve based of these comments! :hugs:

Hey I added you on discord, my username is: ₳J฿Ɇ₳VɆⱀ25#8668

Yeah it is good but maybe trying messing around with the lighting until you can find a lighting that makes the build pop out.