Lands of Eyzira - Progress Update #3

Hey all! It’s been quite a lot longer than I had intended to take for this update.

Development has had to take another hard stop in favor of some existing projects of mine kicking into priority. That said, I haven’t done much in terms of development for Eyzira in ROBLOX Studio. However, I have been studying things revolving around various mechanics I plan to feature in Eyzira, as well as designing a formalized plan of design so that I can get back to development at full steam ahead.

There’s not much else to this progress report aside from mentioning the map updates I’ve been doing. As I have mentioned before, I’m adding a world border section of the map in order to not have a sudden cutoff of the map. This area of the map will be inaccessible (of course, since it’s for cosmetic usage). The problem with this is that it roughly has 2.5x the area of the main map, so finalizing this will take quite some time. However, the quality of the work is what matters most. I will work as quickly as possible on this. I’ve developed some prototype plugins that should assist in getting it done in a timely fashion.

When I get back to working full-time on Eyzira I’ll post another progress update. For now, here’s the current update.

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