Large number of mobile users crashing/freezing after recent update to application

Approximately 36-48 hours ago at this point mobile users of Fart Attack started experiencing freezing and crashing. I have received dozens of complaints from users and the average play time for users on tablet and phone near instantly dropped by more than 50% (it looks like midnight two days ago)?

This is not something I am personally able to reproduce on my S10. All users that have contacted me so far have said it is occurring on android devices. They have tried reinstalling and other solutions.

They are telling me the application is simply crashing immediately upon load, sometimes after freezing for 5-10 seconds. No error message or anything just completely exiting the application.

There are no errors in any of my logs that I believe could help track this down. I have not made any recent changes to the game. Is there a change to Roblox (possibly android only) devices approximately two days ago that could explain this.

If there is something I need to change I will do so immediately but I believe this is an instance where I need someone on the roblox side to help track this down.

Note: A few users have now contacted me and said the crashing started happening IMMEDIATELY after an update to the application on their device.

It appears that as of midnight this morning things began getting back to normal. The average play time for mobile has slowly trickled back up to where it was prior to the issue and is now back to normal. Not sure if it really matters that I know what the issue the past 4-5 days was but I’m glad its fixed. Thanks!