Large Procedurally Generated Grid Area

To start, I’m a horrible scripter. I usually come to the DevForum for anything related to scripting. I wasn’t able to find anything else like my issue, so I decided to make my own topic.

I’m trying to recreate something like this game:

This game used some sort of generation script that allows the owner to make every server different. What I need is some sort of script like this. I need the ability to make a folder, fill them with a few different type of plots, and create a map that randomizes the plots in different spots. I would also like to be able to control the rarity of the plots and be able to make “set plots”. What I mean by that is I would like to be able to make it so every 3 plots or so, a certain type of plot is guaranteed to spawn at the fourth plot. The last feature, is to be able to make it so there is a small gap between plots for a walkway. Like I said, I would like it to be so every server is different. Unfortunately, like mentioned earlier, I’m a horrible scripter, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this or where I could start to make something like this.

Trying to make a generator that will randomize a set few plots. Also need a way to create set plots that have guaranteed spawns at certain areas. Need walkways between the plots and for every server to be different. Need to be able to control the rarity of plots. I’m a horrible scripter so I will need a lot of help on this.