(Last Spot) Hiring a UI designer!

About Us

Hey There! you probably seen me around often, but yea im making a dungeon crawler game that is over 80% completed rn (adding revamps) and all the models completed. Please make sure you read the whole thing please!

You can meet the team when hired or just join the discord: Discord

Here is just a little bit of our progress so far, if you want to see more message m here and i will gladly show you.

a little bit of the first dungeon

This is all i will present if you will like to see more just you know hit me up a message ill open the game and let you play! (well depends on if its on revamp rn)

About The Job

I am looking for professional ui designer specifically someone that uses photoshop not Studio UI and yea that should be it ill give you references if needed!

August 16th is our prefound release, if we keep it up we plan for even lower!


The payment is in percentages, your percent will be decided on the work you did meaning UI designers can get 0% if done nothing after atleast a week - 30% so on so less.

Contact Us

Conact me either here or on discord
Discord: vocalresefentation#5045
Once you add me state that you are applying and show me some form of your work!
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hope to see you soon bye!

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