Last Toolbox category incorrectly fetches usernames from group IDs

(I don’t know what this category is called for lack of a tooltip, but it has a :bulb: icon)
In this last category, group creations that are moused over are attributed to the user who has the same ID as the group.


Applicable group:!/about
Corresponding user:

To reproduce:

  1. Navigate to the :bulb: tab in the Toolbox
  2. Select any Group-owned category (Group Models, Group Images, Group Meshes, etc.)
  3. Mouse over any asset in this list. Observe the creator attributed to the asset in this list.
  4. Navigate to the page for the applicable group that owns the assets. Copy the group’s ID.
  5. Navigate to
  6. Verify that the display name of this user is identical to what showed on the asset within studio. It should be the same.
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Can Confirm I am having this issue as well. It just searches for a user with the same ID as the GroupID


Can reproduce. Same as above.

Thanks for reporting this, we’re working on a fix which should be live (and in the release notes) in the next few weeks.

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