Launching Studio in VR?

I can’t seem to manage to launch studio in VR to test out some code I have, although I have VR mode turned on in the escape menu, am I missing something? (Do keep it mind it launches perfectly when joining the game normally).

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I have an Oculus Quest (connected with Oculus Link, so its literally just a rift), and it starts up fine. Assuming you’re using an Oculus headset, have you checked the settings under “General” to allow unknown sources, and checked if you can infact play ROBLOX games in VR running the player client, and I also believe reading somewhere on here where running it in a local server (Studio>Test>Start) will help with lauching in VR. Doing all these let me launch studio in VR

I use a HTC Vive not a Quest unfortunately. So I don’t think it’s to do with Unknown Sources.

Ah I don’t know then, all I can recommend is checking the settings with SteamVR, or whatever you use to launch VR, and try testing in a local server, Sorry

Edit: And research to see if other HTC Vive users have had this issues, and their solutions

Alright, thanks for your help. I’ll mark you as solution and check around my settings.

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