Lava Tech Security Handbook


  1. Don’t break any Lava Tech Rules.
  2. No harassment.
  3. Don’t ask for any free group ranks, items, or powers.
  4. Give 3 warnings before attacking someone, if they cause more problems again you only need to give 2 warnings.
  5. Use common sense.
Tier Rules

1T. You should be a role model to trainees
2T. Punishments may be stricter

Tier 3+ Rule:

1T3. Don’t abuse in-game admin given to you.
2T3. Don’t issue KOS for zero reason or for one offense.
3T3. Only restrict areas for major reasons.

Rank Requirements:

Tier 1: 40 Points + Evaluation. Will give you a special loadout.
Tier 2: 80 Points. Will give you a special loadout.
Tier 3: 180 Points + Evaluation. Can host trainings and issue room restrictions/kill on sight orders.
Trainer: Voted in by current trainers and/or approved by Head of Security. Are moderators at all lava tech games only for managing security/moderating spammers/exploiters.

Training types:

Normal Trainings: A training hosted at the training place or one lava tech game hosted by an Tier 3 or Trainer. 5 points maximum (6 for bonus)

Handbook Trainings: A training normally hosted at the Lava Tech Event Center. These are normally short trainings (5-15 minutes), instead of actually doing things, for around 2-5 minutes or so, they will go over the handbook. Then they will accept questions and then do a quiz. 3 points maximum (1 point should be considered as an attendance unless they were completely goofing off, then you can normally give the other 2 points based on the quiz for example, 1/8 - 1 point 3/8 - 2 points 8/8 - 3 points) You do not need to follow this, and is only an example, for giving points based on the quiz, you do not need to do this and you can have your own setup.

Mega Trainings: A training that CAN be hosted at 2 different games with different trainers. However, does not have to and can just be a large training at one of the games.

Disciplinary punishments:

Verbal warning:
You will be told to stop what you are doing
Disciplinary action taken: None

You will receive a warning in the database and lose up to 20 points.
Disciplinary action taken: Warning in database and lose points.

You will be unable to do anything within security intill your suspendion ends and will be marked as suspended. You will lose at least 15 points.
disciplinary action taken: Banned from all trainings and lose many points.

Weapon Blacklist:
You will be unable to use any loadouts.
Disciplinary action taken: Lose access to loadouts.

You will be banned from the security group and any security group games. If you appeal successfully the disciplinary action taken will be considered based on how bad what you did was.
Disciplinary action taken: Banned from group.