Lava Tower Live Event

I’m currently working on this “Hell” type of Live Event with a Lave Tower in the middle
and 4 Lava Generators, Took 3 hours, also not finished yet. Here are photos
Feedback/Criticism appreciated!



Huh, live events are interesting. This looks cool, scifi etc. But there could be more detail in the rest of the area, and not just 4 lava generators. And there could be more detail in the lava. But I like the idea for this live event, good work!

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Looks great I love it how you went with a scifi style, But I think you should add more detail but overall everything is great. 9/10 ;D So, keep up the good work. Good Luck.

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Thanks, I’m planning to add Lava WaterFalls to, with a boss fight soon. But I’m working on
the Animations for Player and Boss right now.

I’m planning to do that very soon

Could use more detail but it looks really well! :smiley: