Lawn Mower Gang needs an Animator! [OPEN]


Lawn Mower Gang

About The Group

Greetings! Founded by @nathan_hickman and @TimHD20, the Lawn Mower Gang is an upcoming developing group, thriving to create detailed roblox games. Over 1K members, we plan on making a detailed farming game!

The Current Development Team
@nathan_hickman - Project Manager
@punkde - Lead Developer
@robloxguy9093ALT robloxguy9093 - Lead Scripter

About The Position

We are currently looking for a professional animator to animate gun holding.

  • Must have Moon Animator!
  • Blender is not required, but recommended.

Gun Simple:
unknown (3)


Payment isn’t merely ready yet, but we are gathering up to 100k funds for our employees, based on how well they’ve done. Otherwise, it’ll just be for fun!


You can contact us:
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)#9591 - punkde
Contact our Head Developer! ^^


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