Layered Clothing + Dynamic Head Avatar

Hello Robloxians!

Today i combined the new dynamic head thing whatever you call it with layered clothing.
I gave our character a beard so he looks like a man, unfortunately you can’t customize your avatar i don’t know what causes it, if anyone knows please let me know, also if you look in any direction your head rotates to that position. Also you turn black when you change clothes just change your avatar color.

Here’s how everything works + looks

yeahidk.rbxl (2.7 MB)


This looks cool! It’s definitely not roblox, but it looks cool. Glad to see all these features in one place


You should probably publish the place so people can visit it without having to download and use studio.

(Mobile users etc)

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Well the only problem is that the dynamic head doesn’t work, I can’t do anything about it.

May I ask how you got access to this?

It’d be cool if the character blinked