Layered Clothing in ViewportFrames

I’m currently working on a character customiser that is supports layered clothing. However, I’m having trouble with layered clothing not wrapping around the character. I understand that there isn’t any physics inside ViewportFrames, so I’ve put my character into a WorldModel for this reason, but it still doesn’t do anything. Is there some sort of way to add the layered clothing physics?

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Layered clothing do not have their own physics, they are merely cosmetic items, are you perhaps referring to the physics of a player’s character?

@ianadanfan Hi good mate we’ll Roblox will add it in eventually In a update u just gotta give it time to breathe!

I’m referring to how layered clothing wraps around the players body parts.

Ah okay. I do hope it comes soon though. It would also be nice if all accessories didn’t have to be manually have their CFrames set in ViewportFrames as well, since that is what I’m doing right now.

@ianadanfan yea mate yea. Hope it goes well for u and good luck! Keep up the training!

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