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lcey Studios - new game being coming out soon! We are going to open the game " El Paso County Roleplay & Border" VERY soon!! We will/ are very proud of outselfs for the work we have done on models, meshes, A-Chassics cars… Welp! Description below!

El Paso County is located in Texas, and shares a border with Chamizel Mexico - this is where the USBP border comes in. With that there is This has few teams, Fire Dept., Police Dept., lastly USBP (United States Border Patrol)

This game is developed/created by 2 members of lcey Studios, goodboyman56 & lceyDex.

Police Car Asset Pack - lceyDex
ELS Car Gamepass Radio - lceyDex
ELS Car Horn! - lceyDex
Advanced Fire Alarm System - lceyDex
Fire Department Vehicle Pack - lceyDex
Fire Simulation - Roblox Wiki
Cinderig’s Road Pack v.3 - Cinderig
Cinderig’s Road Sign Pack - Cinderig
Civilian Car Pack - lceyDex
Humanoid Clickable GUI - lceyDex
Introduction UI Light - lceyDex
Gas Station w/ clickable items - lceyDex
Click Part Open GUI - lceyDex
Adonis Admin - Davey_Bones
Proximity Prompt Double Door [Industrial] - lceyDex
lceyDex’s Boombox - JavaScrixt (ALT)

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