Leaderboard column headings showing up when they shouldn't

What’s the issue?
If the place creator offers greater than six badges, and you click the “See More” button, the leaderboard column headings (rank, leader, clan and points) suddenly appear whilst you’re in the badge section, if you scroll past/to the sixth badge.

Does the bug happen 100% of the time?
As far as I can tell, yes. Example places: Marble Rider, Sword Fighting Tournament and Natural Disaster Survival.

Reproduction steps?
Find a place that offers over six badges and also makes use of leaderboards. Click the “See More” button, at the bottom of the badges, and scroll to/past the sixth one. The leaderboard’s column headings will randomly appear.

Where does the bug happen?
The main ROBLOX site.

[size=1]I’m assuming this is the right forum to put it on, considering it’s a website bug.[/size]