Leaderboard does not update teamcolor unless spawn is touched

[size=4]This only happens when the player’s starting teamcolor is Neutral [/size]

Say I change the player’s TeamColor

player.TeamColor = BrickColor.new(“Bright red”) --This is from a server script btw

The teamcolor updates, but not on the leaderboard. If I go and touch a spawn with AutoTeamChangeOnTouch set to true, it updates the leaderboard, but not when I change it via a script. This is present in Play mode and Play Solo, as well as with FE and without it.

Try making a Team in game.Teams for Neutral?

I’ll have an extra Team clogging up the leaderboard with that. The reason I don’t have one now is because once all of the Neutral people are gone, the Neutral team disappears. If I make an actual team for it, it stays there forever.

What happens if you have a script that :Destroys the team? Won’t that remove it?