Leaderboard Functionality

1.) Leaderboard stretch limit

I’d like to use the real estate on the bottom right hand corner of the screen to put some of my UI, but if there are lots of people on at once in a server (It usually happens in servers where 20+ maxplayers are allowed) the leaderboard just keeps stretching down over it.

Could there be a hard limit of halfway down the screen, or 0.6 way down the screen? Or just have that as default if it gets that big, and allow users to stretch it if they want. Because at the moment, ingame, once you edit, it’ll stay that way for the duration of that life. But once you reset/ join a new game, it just stretches all the way down.

2.) Ability to hide names from the leaderboard

It could be a hidden feature like putting a player in a team named “HideName”, something similar to the Dinnerbone thing with Minecraft nametags. (Name an animal Dinnerbone and the animal turns upside down)

I know I can recreate the leaderboard, but I’d like the functionality of being able to report users/ send friend requests by default.

We used to be able to do this before, but now not so much.