Leaderstat value is increased by incorrect amount, please help

My game operates on a “round” system, like most minigame games do.

Basically, when the round ends, and there are players who survived, each of those players has a boolValue called “Dead” that is set to false. If they died, it would be set to true.

At the end of each round, I have been trying to make it so a remote event fires, the client that it gets fired to gets all the players that have “player.Dead.Value == false”, and then adds 10 points to a leaderstat called “points”. Currently, it either doesn’t give any points, or it gives 20 points instead of 10 when I test this game with two players. Please help, I have 0 idea how to fix this.

On the server end, it looks like this:

	if InRound.Value == false then game.ReplicatedStorage.Survivors:FireClient(player)

On the client end it looks like this (The values are going to my datastore script and should be added to the leaderstat)

	if player.Dead.Value == false then