Learn to script in 30 minutes - Scripting Tutorial Series

:exclamation: Let me know what you think of the series in the replies, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

:arrow_forward: Watch the first episode here: How to Script on Roblox - Introduction
:arrow_forward: View all episodes here: How to Script on Roblox - Playlist

:computer: Install the plugin here: ScriptMate - Roblox
:computer: Star the plugin on GitHub: jotslo/scriptmate - GitHub

Why I created the series?

When I was learning to script years ago, I vividly remember finding a lot of the existing tutorials & resources being too difficult for me to sit through.

I was never able to find anything that just gave me the information I wanted to hear, but I had to learn everything I know today over a long period, through a range of different resources.

As a result, I have attempted to create a straight-to-the-point tutorial series, designed to feature everything you need to get into scripting on Roblox.

Whether you’re brand new to scripting, or looking to improve your skills, the series is designed to be something that everyone can benefit from, without being an unnecessarily difficult experience.

Plugin Info

To ensure you have digested all the important information from each episode, I’ve also developed a plugin, which allows for you to practice what you have learned in each episode.

Each episode has a set of scripting challenges, as well as a quiz. This is to give you the opportunity to practice your newfound skills, and to ensure you haven’t missed any important details.

Other Notes

  • Some content might seem unnecessary at first, but everything mentioned is an essential part of the learning process, and will heavily affect your ability to write your own scripts if you choose to ignore them.

    If you’re using the series as a learning resource, please consider this before skipping anything you don’t understand, or find unimportant!

  • I completely acknowledge that some of you, notably non-native English speakers, might have difficulty understanding everything due to the speed of the content.

    Each tutorial includes fully scripted subtitles, the ability to reduce the playback speed in the YouTube player settings, and the ability to gain experience directly from the plugin content.

    If none of this is of interest to you, I would recommend looking into other tutorials on YouTube that you find more suitable. These tutorials are simply to fill, what I feel is a gap in current resources.

These are the first videos I have edited, so If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!

Good luck on your scripting journey! :smile:


Just watched some of the videos and they look great so far!


The plugin link doesnt work. Nice video though, nice and fast for new people to get a rough idea


Thanks for the feedback!

I’m not sure why you can’t access the plugin, the link seems to be working fine for me.

Below is the link in an embedded format, perhaps this will work for you, if you would like to try the plugin?

Alternatively, the plugin is linked in the description of each episode in the series, so you can find it there instead.


This playlist is a really great overview of the main topics for Roblox scripting. I will be sending this to anyone who needs a place to start or help with a specific topic such as remote events.

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I swear like whenever we learned to script the youtube tutorials sucked then suddenly all the youtube tutorials became good after we learned…


I feel like it’s outdated, hasn’t been updated for a month

I’m not sure what you mean exactly, could you clarify?

If you’re talking about the plugin not having been updated for a month, the content is taken from a JSON file via HttpService, so any updates aren’t reflected in the plugin’s last update date.

As for the content in the videos, everything should be completely up-to-date, unless you believe otherwise?

Nice roblox banner advertisement lol

Thank you for this. I especially like the quiz part since with other tutorials I can’t see what I remember and what I forgot. Are you still continuing these videos?

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Thanks for the feedback!

I might continue making similar videos when I have more time outside of university work, but it ultimately depends on how well the videos perform and whether I am motivated enough to continue with them.

I do think it would be cool to turn the channel into something bigger, so it’s very much a possibility once I have some more free time.

Oh so if there’s a bug. You would fix it on GitHub and it would automatically change on roblox

The plugin only pulls tutorial data via HttpService. So if I were to add more episodes or modify a challenge, that wouldn’t require an update.

Any other changes to the plugin would require an update though, but that hasn’t been necessary since releasing it.

Must say, you’re awesome! Your videos’ quality, the entire idea of short, but very informative videos is amazing! Thank you very much for doing such step for scripting beginners! I hope to see more tutorials from you.