Learning weapon modeling!

I’ve recently tried blender, currently a week into it and already made around a dozen items!

Tried using minimal resources, and slowly started figuring some things out, and I managed to make my first tool/weapon today! (Nailed it at 185 tris)

I was wondering what suggestions some of you more experienced guys would throw over!


That’s a nice-looking ax you got there. The head is realistic and so is the handle. You got this thing down to be REALLY low poly. I respect that. Optimization is key for support on all devices. Mobile can barely run most games due to the poly counts, and potato pc users like me have a really hard time playing games with 10000 tri objects. Great job.


This looks pretty decent! I love how it is very low-poly,simple and pretty clean! Yeah thats all I have to say for this.

Pretty nice first creation while me still planning to study but I’ve been being distracted by other works.