LeehamsonTheThird | Advanced Scripter [TEMPORARILY CLOSED]

About Me

Hey as you know from the title I am LeehamsonTheThird, I’ve been scripting for 4 years, so I know what I’m doing. I would like to save your time so let me keep this clean and concise.


I know what I am doing and I can script most things. Things like tweening, setting up animations, making attacks, making tools work, scripting custom GUI’s, admin command integrations, and much more!




I take USD (Paypal) or Robux to put it short. But I do take my work very seriously so please do not waste my time. I have school and my timezone is PST but that still shouldn’t be a problem. I will let you know if I cannot work (unless super serious). But because of school, the weekends would be the best time for me to work time-wise, but I also do work after school.

Contact Me

You can contact me here, I will not have a conversation in the comments, only via DM. You may also contact me through discord my tag is “LeehamsonTheThird#8773” if my tag has somehow changed, look for me through the Hidden Developers discord server.


Recently I’ve been working on my own little combat engine combat engine - Roblox, pretty small because I only specialize in scripting.

This is a remaster of a game that I made when I was like 10, it’s actually done really well recently. Not so proud but it exists. [🎥 Camera Fix] Classic Sonic RP - Roblox

I made a ragdoll game about a year ago, its pretty fun but there is a bug that randomly kills you on ragdoll. bonk your head simulator - Roblox

This was another attempt at a successful game, it flopped. blow people up simulator - Roblox

This is a remaster of the classic game Rocket Arena I never really got around to finishing it. SUPER Rocket Arena - Roblox

I am currently working on a game right now as a side project called “Boss Rush”, where a random boss gets picked and you can fight it and upgrade your health, speed, and weapons. I really want to not make it like a simulator though, but that might be the path its taking.