Legat1a Portfolio in Translation


Hello there, the name is Pol, with a natural habitat of a cozy living room during cold snowy days(yet I am in the blistering Savanas of South Sudan). I am a translator working for United Nations Mission in South Sudan Republic of Korea Peace Keeping Operations, and have only recently come back to the Roblox community after hearing so many good things about Roblox lately. I have stopped playing Roblox around 2010, and after meeting a co-worker who told me about how Roblox became a wonderful Platform, decided to re-enter this platform once more.

Languages that I specialize in:

  • French (IB Diploma)
  • Korean (Korean Citizen & Official UNMISS Korean Translator and MND Interpreter)
  • English (Over 9 years studying in Canada, IB English HL)


As stated before, I am a translator comme interpreter working for the UN and the South Korean PKO Hanbit Unit. I have had 4 years of proffessional interpreting and translating experience prior to joining the South Korean Military(mandatory military service). I have been providing translation during South Korean cultural events, and also have experience interpreting and translating inquiries regarding financial and banking in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area).

My current Military related experiences are as the following:

  • UNMISS ROK HMEC HQ Interpreter/Translator
  • South Korean Ministry of National Defense PSYOP Unit Interpreter/Translator
  • UNMISS ROK Pibor Interpreter/Translator

Feel free to contact me through Dev Forums, or through the newly made Talent Hub.
Link: Talent Hub

See you soon! :smiley: