Legends of Drakor - Looking for Developers!

Hello and welcome to Coval Entertainment!

At Coval Entertainment (CE), our main goal is to change the way games work on ROBLOX. No more blocky worlds, no more lag, bigger and more atmospheric maps to explore! This is 2020 and we are here to bring the future of gaming to ROBLOX!

“We don’t just create games, we see them as a form of art!”

What exactly is Legends of Drakor?

Legends of Drakor, or simply known to our team as LoD, is going to come out as an online fantasy RPG game where players can work and socialise together to explore the vast worlds of LoD, fight epic battles, craft new weapons and armor, and get ready for an adventure of epic proportions! Legends of Drakor is here to revolutionise the gameplay of ROBLOX and hopefully build a friendly community.

What will make Legends of Drakor stand out from other Fantasy-RPG games?

Legends of Drakor will have an atmosphere unlike any other game! A medieval world filled with magical forests, kingdoms, realms, and epic adventures! We are trying to apply realistic graphics to the game, but at the same time, make it approachable to lower-end PCs. The game will be semi-story based, filled with cinematic cutscenes, animations, and possibly voice acting.
In LoD, the player will have the ability to make their own decisions and shape their story. There will also be pretty huge maps in the game, giving each player the opportunity to explore freely.

What is the whole concept of the game?

Legends of Drakor is going to be a game where the player will travel across different realms in order to save the universe from Drakor, the main villain of the game. However, Drakor himself is not alone! He has brought a whole army of villains to take over the universe and enslave every living being. As a hero, the player must find a way to reach him, but it will not be an easy journey.
The game itself is supposed to be big, making it’s gameplay long and interesting. However, as we want the game to be approachable to the majority of the ROBLOX community, the game will feature less details, but at the same time, make the game appear realistic.

Who are we looking for?

We are in need of builders, scripters, 3D modelers and voice actors.


Builders: must be able to build in a realistic medieval style and have an experience of at least 2 years on the ROBLOX platform.

Scripters: must be a professional scripter and have at least 2 years of experience on the ROBLOX platform.

3D Modelers: must be able to create realistic meshes with a minimum amount of tris and have at least 2 years of experience in Blender (or any other 3D modeling software.)

Voice Actors: must be able to replicate a British accent, as well as replicate the voice of younger and older people. Also must have a good quality condenser microphone as well as at least 2 years of experience in voice acting.

Also keep in mind that you must be at least 16 years of age to apply.


Will be discussed on Discord.

Contact Us

Discord: Akkoard#0001

Thank you for your time,
CE Development Team

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