Legends Studios Community Safety Guidelines

Hey Players!

I’m @imnotRummy , a Community Safety Contractor within the Legends Studios Community. These guidelines apply to all games within the Legends Studios domain.

• 1. No Spamming/Flooding
(a) Do not post excessively large messages in any game chat within the Legends Studio Community.

• 2. No Advertising
(a) Do not advertise your group, game or content within the Legends Studios without explicitly written permission.

• 3. No Pornography Material
(a) Do not post any graphic media. If it’s risky or you are not sure about it, do not post it.
(b) NSFW is not permitted in this Discord, nor any discord associated to the same.

• 4. No Not Safe for Work Content
(a) Any conversation regarding religion or ethical matters is prohibited to avoid arguments.

5. No Bullying/Discrimination
(a) Hate symbols/speech in any form will not be tolerated under no circumstances.
(b) Discrimination on basis of sexual orientation shall not be tolerated.

• 6. Staff Contact
(a) Members of our community are expected to report any Community Violations to a Game Staff Member.

• 7. Disclosure of Information
(a) Do not disclose any way of private and/or sensitive information about any player within the Legends Studios Domain.

• 8. No Exploiting
(a) Legends Studios has a 0 tolerance policy towards exploiting.

• 9. Social Links
(a) Do not access any Social Links posted on the Legends Studios Social Links Tab if you are not 13 +.

• 10. Roblox Terms of Service
(a) Follow Roblox Terms of Service within Legend Studios Games at all time.