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About Me

Hey. My name is Max, but I’m known on Roblox as Legoracer. I’m 18 years old.

I’m mainly a programmer, but I also have basic to intermediate knowledge in other development sections such as modelling and GUI design.

I’m on Roblox since 2007, but I have started learning about development in 2012.
I have about 5+ years of experience in Lua and a pretty good grasp of concepts such as replication and security.

I also have a small amount of experience in Node-js.

My Projects

I was a main programmer for Ilum 2 for a while, which was on first page at launch.
My latest project was Mystic, which is on indefinite hold.
One day project Raycast Camera, which I’ve made just for Devforum entry. Niche, I know

Past Projects & Commissions

Some of the projects I’ve worked on are:
The Third Crusade as a scripter for about 2-3 months.
King’s Landing genre as a lead programmer for a few months.

I also did a lot of smaller commissions, as they don’t require me to allocate a lot of time which I could spend working on some project of mine.


I am available for 6+ hours per day during the week and 4-6 hours per day during the weekend.
I’m always near electronics if not asleep, so you can contact me at almost any time.
I’m currently in last year of high school, so the work hours are subject to change, but will most likely stay the same or very similar.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset.
My preferred payment method is Paypal, but we can also discuss Robux


Roblox Developer Forum

Thank you for reading.


Hello legoracer, I’d like to hire you for some Star Wars blaster related things in the 50 dollar range. The shooting part is done but it needs some visuals such as trails for the bolts and settings/sound ID paste spots aswell as anim spots. (overheat and reload) My discord is Omni#4786


Sorry for the late reply.
I’m currently in the process of looking for more of a long-term part-time job position so I can’t guarantee I’d have time to finish your commission. Due to that, I can’t accept it either.

Good luck,

Hello there, I’m interested in hiring you for an rpg! There will be multiple tasks for you and the payment is Robux.

Hi, I’d like to hire you for scripting a GUI. FrigidBite#7884

Are you accepting commissions at this time?

Yes I am accepting commissions.

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Are you currently still accepting commissions?

I don’t accept commissions at the moment due to already being commissioned.