Legs unattached to NPC's body?

Legs unattached to NPC’s body?

Hello there! I’m having an issue with a monster NPC. The monster NPC works pretty well but the legs are totally unattached even though I’ve made all the leg attachments. I’m not sure what the problem could be. Thanks for reading!


Completely unattached, or attached and not animating properly?
I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you have to make sure that the attachments have to be to the part above it (upper torso, lower torso, left upper leg, left lower leg, left foot.) so they animate properly.
It seems your upper and lower torso aren’t quite aligned properly either.

I spend a lot of time making the attachments stay as they should be, but it still ruins his knees.

Go into test mode and see how the attachments look when it’s running to see if they are different.