Lerping Models | Kinda Glitchy

Hello, so I have been lerping models and its kinda weird ngl…

So lets say its going to lerp(finish,1) . Should be fine, but somehow if I wait a long time the part rotates like math.rad(87) etc. So basically not fully 90°
I did a solution under the for i, I just added an start:Lerp(finish,1) after the end.
I mean thats a solution but kinda, I want it so it works also with the for i=0,1,0.02 do module.

for i = 0, 1, 0.02 do

Prints 0.98 as the last i.

Honestly, just do


After the loop. That’s not a hack—it actually improves the flexibility, e.g. if your 0.02 one day became a 0.015 (which does not divide evenly into 1), you’d need to set it to finish at the end.

I did lol. I just mark yours as Solution even if its what I did above.