Let developers specify emote thumbnails

In the game I am working on we want to create our own emotes for players to use. We want our players to access their emotes through the the built in emote menu from Roblox because players are already familiar with that system.

An issue I ran into is that there is no way for me to specify a thumbnail for the emote I equip to the player’s emote wheel. If it is equipped the emote slot will appear blank with no image. The player wouldn’t even know it is equipped unless they hover their mouse over the slot and saw the name of the emote.

I inserted one of Roblox’s emotes from the catalog using InputService and inside of their animations they have a bunch of IntValues that specify a Roblox character package ID, a specific frame of the emote animation as well as multiple values to specify offset and rotation of the character. Using all this data a thumbnail is rendered and is shown on the catalog and the emote wheel. I tried the same method for our own emotes and was not able to generate a thumbnail the same way.

Currently the only way to get any kind of thumbnail for an emote is by creating a model parented to the animation and positioning a ThumbnailCamera to get the perspective you want.

This system is not ideal at all because the thumbnails produced from this method are nowhere near the quality of the emote thumbnails on the catalog and do not look good on the emote wheel. This is also a terrible system because when the emote is inserted into the game it now has to load an entire model instead of just an animation.

I would like to request that developers are either given access to this thumbnail system for emotes or are provided with an API we can use to specify what image an emote will use on the emote wheel.


Thanks for the suggestion Elocore! We’ve noted this and are investigating the best approach to enable setting thumbnails.