Let us turn off faux-bold keywords

Two issues regarding bold keywords in the script editor:

  1. Studio invents a faux-bold version of the font even if you have the real bold style installed on your system. It would be better if it always tried to use the real bold style if it’s installed.

  2. There’s no way to turn off bold keywords. I just think they look bad regardless of the editor (some people might disagree). Can a setting be added to turn them off?


Just throwing in my two cents in here, but I’d be more supportive of having efforts focused on supporting external editors! That way everybody could have exactly what they want.

On another note, that’s tricky to figure out an implementation for due to cloud-based editing.

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This only changes how text is rendered. cloud editing is unrelated

actually, cloud editing supports the case for paying attention to the studio editor.

Yeah, the editor should definitely be a good default. Customization should be wherever possible!

The automatic emboldening of keywords in the studio script editor is pretty annoying, it looks ugly and when loading a script for the first time it changes the position of characters (as initially they are all in default font and colors, then syntax highlighting & boldness is applied once the file has been parsed and the positions change).

Can we get some way to turn off bold keywords please?