Levels of Detail for Mesh Parts


Out of curiosity, will the size/volume of parts ever be used for the LOD? Is that planned? Currently, it is difficult to use the automatic LOD with really large parts, because it switches to low quality at too close of a distance.


This is extremely nice to have!

I really wish we had an option to edit the distances where the LOD kicks in, because in my case the LOD kicks in way too soon, and it’s very noticable to the point where I just avoid using it on a lot of models…

overall, really nice :heart_eyes:


I need to start watching the pipeline more closely, this sounds really cool

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You can view this year’s full roadmap here : https://developer.roblox.com/resources/Roblox-Platform-Roadmap


I do appreciate this update a lot. Is it possible we could get an update to create more accurate hitboxes for meshes? I’m trying to use mesh hills in my game but the hitboxes are just too inaccurate


I think this update would be great because mobile players can now play games more smoothly. A well made update for my players!


Any word on high detailed meshes? Above 10,000 polygons?

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Enjoying the update so far, looking forward to see the same technique being implemented to Special Meshes.


Amazing feature, but I feel like the decimate algorithm used here is really off in a way, not to mention that the merged faces don’t map correctly on the UV.


yeaaaaaaa finally! so hyped to use this!


What about the level of detail adjustment for csg parts? Is the level of detail adjustment for csg parts comming in the future?

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This was already out before the LOD for meshes came out


Suddenly studio has started crashing when undoing/redoing changes to RenderFidelity. Can’t find a 100% repro, but it’s happened multiple times.


I absolutely love this feature! This should definitely help prevent potato computers from getting fried.


This is huge. Been waiting for this. Thanks a lot!


Awesome. Thank you for another great feature! Can’t wait for more.


Ever since this feature came out, I haven’t been able to export any of my meshes from Roblox to Blender as the mesh is pretty much destroyed.

Here’s the mesh in Roblox:

Here’s the mesh exported from Roblox into Blender:

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These trees look hilariously stupid and creepy with “Automatic”. Compared with the perfect trees on the right, it’s pretty bad.

local des = game.Workspace:GetDescendants()
 for i,des in pairs(des) do 
if des:IsA("MeshPart") and des.Parent.Name == "Tree" then
 des.RenderFidelity = Enum.RenderFidelity.Precise

Heads up, my display went black for a straight 2 minutes running this command. All 3 of my Roblox Studio clients crashed too. Not so sure of what’s causing this.

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