Library I built

Im currently working on a project im in with a few other friends, and I would like some feedback on the library built it is supposed to have an apocalyptic/after the flash look.


The outside looks to be well built, its just the colors and lighting thats the problem. The inside is really dark and bland. I suggest adding lights and more vibrant furniture, maybe some rugs. Put some stuff on the tables and definitely brighten up the exterior too. I definitely like the design of it!

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LOL. I didn’t see that it was an apocalyptic design until right after I posted. In that case you don’t really need to change much. Sorry about that lol

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Thanks, ill defiantly take note of this

Oh lol. (extra wordswords words words)

Pretty good, but the inside is kind of dark. It also looks a little bit blocky.
Score: 83/100

The thing I feel would make this game more vibrant is making it have more colors into the lighting.

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