Licencing of user-picked assets on Xbox One

Say the user can select their own assets (manually by id or by some in-game catalog), mostly Decals and Audio (but also clothing!). These assets can obviously be protected by copyright whatsoever.
These assets are sort of UGC within my game, and I sort of wonder if I should enforce a premade library of properly licenced assets or allow free selection from the entire catalog if I’d want to expand to X1. Is such a mechanism allowed on X1?

Related but a completely different question: are DataStores shared between X1/PC?

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No. The XB1 place is its own, separate game – different than the PC one. Since they’re different games, they won’t share datastores.

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That is not correct. Xbone and PC games use the same place and datastore unless you specifically submit an xbox-only place. That can be as simple as uploading your pc version to a different place id.

Also xbox-only players aren’t going to have any models/decals/etc in their inventories so it’s probably a good idea to not even have that feature for them.


An ingame catalog with all Roblox assets is very realistic I’d argue. This isn’t per see limited to the player’s own assets.

Also note that if DataStores are indeed shared, data could be loaded from the PC version containing such assets, which can be a problem with X1 asset licencing whatsoever too.

Selecting assets by entering an id doesn’t seem like a good user experience on Xbox one. Players would need to open the ROBLOX website on PC to find assets. They may not have ever been to the ROBLOX website on PC.


TNT Rush and TNT Rush XBOX run from the same place, and share the same datastores. Food for thought.

What if it’s group logos? i.e. you can set any one of your groups’ logos as the icon on your nametag that’s displayed to people you kill? That’s a perfectly fine use case and won’t result in bad experience. Would that be allowed on an XB1 featured game, even though the group logos could potentially be copyright infringements?

The key point behind this is mostly that I want to share data between PC-X1 if I’d bother with it, but mostly PC users can select custom assets by id (or an in-game catalog).

I fully agree that selecting assets by id on X1 is flat out a terrible UX for the mentioned reasons, but asset references created in the PC version being “loaded” in the X1 version is mostly the concern I have here. (and maybe I’ll consider adding a more user-friendly catalog picker too, but it’s still a fairly niche feature)

Do UGC clothes actually work on X1?

I’m way late here, but UGC clothing works on XB1. I’m actually very surprised they do considering the amount of copyright infringement, but I get to look like myself so I’m not complaining.

I’m still really wondering about how this is handled. As UGC clothing works, I feel like it is safe to assume UGC content in-game can be freely selected too from the entire catalog. I’d still like to get a confirmation, though…