Licksaw23 - Professional Community Moderation/Management

Hey there! My name is licksaw23, a professional community manager for a wide span of groups across the Robloxian Community! I have went from genre to genre, from Cafes to Military groups. My experience is vast, and I will be including some of it later on in this portfolio!

I have been interested in community management for a while now, trying my best to fulfill my duties as a Manager. My groups that I have managed for totaled up is about 243 including other games such as Minecraft and Unturned, sometimes Rust as well.

Experiences - (NOTE: THESE MAY NOT BE THE BIGGEST GROUP NAMED THESE) Roman Empire, The Galactic Empire, Cafe Hive (25k members!). Minecraft - Flame MC (consistent 1,455 players online+), Icy Cheese MC, Alroute MC, Killer Network. Unturned - ACK Network (Head of Administration, Community Manager), Afghanistan Military RP, etc., etc. I could keep going, but thats too much. Next!

You might be asking if your interested, “How do I contact you?” Well you must meet a few basic requirements. 1k+ members, fully developed, maturity is average, fully operational discord (flexible here because I can make discords as well.) And you need 10+ members on your game at all times.

My contact information? Its discord. Here: licksaw23#1679
Contacting me without meeting those requirements will lead to a block, sorry. :frowning:

PRICING: Free of charge!!

A little bit about myself - I like to think of myself as a person of rules, but only taking those rules when needed. I dont like being strict, but Ill be strict when I need to. Usually, I have a nice sense of humor. I also do community management overall, no exclusive topics or ranges of any sort. I do it in general.


You’re doing this for free? If not, you might want to include pricing. Otherwise, cool that you’re offering this service, I think it will be a great resource!

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It might be nice to state why you should be hired and your personality. You kind of just described your past work places. Otherwise, good luck!

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Do you have any experience managing development teams, or is it just general communities?

Sorry, I did make a few mistakes as I had to rush this portfolio. Yes, I am free. And yes, I do any sort of community management.

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Late response, sorry, both. I do all kinds.

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Nice! I wish you can programmer in my game. Check your discord… I wanna talk about you in something. -achu-

DMs, as my studio is no longer working.