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About Us

We are a team of motivated developers that are planning on making a never seen before game!

The Team (NOT FIXED) - Project manager
@unbind_c, - Scripter
- - Builder

We recommend reading this thread on cooperation with a development team, How to Cooperate with a Development Team.

About The project

Project name: Life

What we’re looking for: We are looking for a motivated team willing to work with us on our game. We are looking for Scripters, Builders, Advertisers, and great GFX artists!

Life is meant to be a social interactive playing experience for all players. This will be a community for all ages of robloxians to enjoy. We will have a twitter, and maybe our very own website. It will be an imaginary roleplay where players can meet new players, make history and let their imagination flow. In our Twitter, we will have promo codes for in-game exclusives and if they join our group, they will receive a clothes bundle to start off. A social interactive, adventure, building game. Every 4-6 months, we will change time periods to educate and satisfy our players with the history of the world. We will launch with the Stone Period and so on. We will add in-game crafting and animals where players can hunt, forge weapons, create clothes, etc. We will have a strict and disciplined fair team of Moderation that I will approve and choose.

What will you get in return/ Payment

A lifetime rank in our development studio, 5%-20% of the game’s revenue depending on contribution to the game.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any examples of your work or groups work.
You can contact via discord (Must be age 13+)
or send a message to any of the team on Roblox!

Previous projects

Please note

We currently don’t have any examples or development in progress as we a looking for a full developing team before starting.


Can you please specifiy your payments?
Thank you.

So it’s a survival game but the era you survive in changes every 6 months?

We have decided that each developer will be earning 5-20% from game earnings depending on contribution to the game.
20% being a massive help to the development of the game and, 5% being a inactive developer…


You do realise that’s an extreme underpayment, right?

The scripter will be doing at least half of the scripting work, same with the builder but for the map. 5k is about 17$ I believe when devexed. That’s about 2-3 hours work if you go by minimum wage.

I’d recommend increasing the pay or changing to a % or else you won’t find anybody.


I’ve taken note and I’ll add it to the thread now.

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