Life in Olympus - FAQ

Life in Olympus

Welcome to Life in Olympus! A new genre led by Kabozhi and Joeykiller this genre will be a R15 genre with sword fighting and magic. In order to be promoted to a God please join the communication server and follow the instructions given, if you have any complaints about the game or a high rank in the group notify as soon as you can.

Greek Gods have been fighting for the throne for a long time now, what will you be? A believer? A God? Or are you interested in joining the Council and instructing the mighty Gods? Join the Genre now and have the full experience.

Questions you may have!

Where do I start?
The first step to joining this genre is joining the group, after you send the request you will be accepted within a couple minutes. By doing this first step you’ll be able to do other things like gain a sword.

How do I get a sword?
When joining the game a timer appears on the bottom left, this timer will go down by the second. Once it hits 0 you’ll be given a sword in your inventory, all you have to do is reset.

How do I enter a tournament?
Tournaments are every 20 minutes, in order to join a tournament you have to be ranked Mortal in the group, you can achieve this rank by asking a council member in-game to promote you.

How do I become a God?
Olympus can only hold 20 gods at any given time, so if you are trying to become a God you must first meet these requirements;
• There must be 20 members total within the house,except the 3 main gods(Poseidon,Zeus,Hades) 40 members for them, all of the members must be ranked Mortal in the Life in Olympus Group.
• Life in Olympus group link must be in the house description.
• A picture must be sent by the God containing a photo with the God and 7 members (Total: 8 members) all representing their house with uniforms and names. The picture must be taken on Life in Olympus.
• The God of the house must be active.
• No alts or bots permitted within the house.
• The house must have their house uniform in the group store.
• The house must have an aristocrat.


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