LightEmission (Additive shading) property for BillboardGuis

I’m looking to create light effects without the use of Particles or Beams. Using BillboardGuis seem to be the best option for me (because of how they function), but light effects always manage to look flat because of the lack of the LightEmission property.

Never understood this inconsistency of giving ParticleEmitters, Beams, and Trails the LightEmission property, but shafting BillboardGuis out of this feature.

Notice the obvious difference between the two because one does not have LightEmission.

Example using ParticleEmitters:

ParticleEmitter Example


From a (visible) distance:

Example using BillboardGuis:

BillboardGui Example


From a distance:

I could just use ParticleEmitters to create this effect, but ParticleEmitters have problems:

  • They cannot change size based on camera distance
  • They fade out at a certain distance
  • Low-end users wont be able to experience it (Since lower graphics settings mitigates particles)

(and Beams are annoying to use to achieve this effect.)

BillboardGuis do not have these problems. (Although fading out at distances would be nice using the MaxDistance property)

If this were to be added it would fix the inconsistency and open more options for BillboardGui use. I can finally easily just use BillboardGuis for creating light effects instead of relying on Beams or ParticleEmitters.