Lighting doesn't look the same in-game and in studio

Hello, fellow developers.
I just added “Future” technology to my game, and in studio it looks fairly nice, but in-game it doesn’t have the same lighting. I am not sure why this happens, please tell me if you do know, thanks! Have a great day/night.
Note: In-Game still looks nice, it just doesn’t have the same lighting that it has in studio.


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This has been brought up already including recently if your using the new technology lighting it isn’t live at the moment, if your lighting isn’t working when in-game it’s only studio since it’s still in ‘BETA’.

There’s been a few notes coming out on the thread including “updates” and such so it’ll probably be coming soon to the platform you should keep an eye on the thread, and see when new updates get pushed out once it’s fully releases and live to the public, here is some features that’ll be coming to the platform near (October - December) regarding more: