Lighting or GFX

Hey! Recently I have been messing with the lighting section and made some images. Could you give me feedback on how to make the lighting better.


It honestly depends what render engine you use.

If you use Eevee, iā€™d recommend point lights around the character to make it stand out more. Remember to change the radius and put them in different areas. You should put a few that are similar to the background color as well, in your case, yellow.

If you use Cycles, I recommend HDRI lighting. A website I recommend is You should download 4k, or 8k if your computer can handle it. Also you can manage with the metallic and roughness materials if you can. Usually that has an effect on your lighting.

Hope this helped!

Oh, I am talking about roblox studio lighting but thank you anyways that is useful information when it comes to making a gfx on blender.

(I do not own any of the buildings in these images i am just using them as a reference)