Lighting Technology Modes Causes Performance Discrepancy

As a lot of you may know, the Legacy lighting mode is being deprecated. Hence developers are forced to switch over to the alternate modes, such as Compatability or Voxel.

However, for some reason, these modes are noticeable laggier than Legacy. Many of our players reported a decrease in performance after switching the lighting modes. Even I noticed this myself. I used to get a solid 60 FPS on my game, now I dip to 50’s.

I honestly hope that the reason for this is just that it’s still a WIP and it will be resolved sometime in the future.

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I have performance drops in games using the new technology,as you state going from solid FPS to noticeable frame dropping.

I have fairly decent rig aswell.
The thing that makes the most difference for me is switching the rendering engine from automatic to vulkan.


Please include a link to your game and a microprofile dump for us to be able to investigate this.

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Here is my game, I’m not familiar with using microprofile so could someone check that out for me?

Check your DM’s, I sent the microprofile