Like/Dislike Ratio Investigation

Hi there!

We recently released our flagship game Crown Academy, and unfortunately it received a lot of dislikes due to some controversy surrounding the game. Its unclear whether some of these dislikes are bots or legitimately mad people, but given the amount of time and effort we put into making the game, plus the dispute we’ve now publicly given about the controversy, we were hoping these dislikes could be investigated. It has suppressed the discoverability of our game and hurt our growth, and we would really like to see the game discovered by more people.

Here is a link to the game in question:

Thank you in advance!


Investigated by who? Roblox doesn’t seem to take action or help you out in like/dislike ratios that have been botted.

Disclaimer: I have never heard of your game and I know nothing of any controversy.

You cannot and won’t have your dislikes removed. If you guys did something bad, that’s on you. Roblox will not investigate every account to see if they’re legitimate or not. Your game was released recently and it’s natural to get hate. Dislikes along with your controversy is normal.

My first impressions of your game was that it’s targeted at a young and female audience… took a while to load but when I did I was slapped with a proposition to buy something which isn’t super welcoming.

Your game is popular and absolutely is making a lot of money. While roblox will not investigate your dislikes, you can recover from this. You can release a ton of ads, you can host special events, have QOTD’s and have a sale. This will not only gain players for you but it will potentially bring back some of your community and help you financially recover.
You should reply with how many dislikes you got in X amount of days or weeks and more info on what controversy occurred so that we’d be able to help more.


I almost positively sure that your game is getting a lot of dislikes because it is similar to royale high. I think your game is a LOT better. :smiley:

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They may or may not be bots I am not sure but you should keep an eye on the developer stats and or see if there is a huge jump from like to dislike ratio.

If it’s very close or similar to Royal High, then i don’t think it is a surprise that a few people are against your release, Considering Mad City was in the past criticized simply for existing


Moreover, just like jailbreak, Royal is one of the biggest game to exist in roblox, there’s probably no doubt it has been caused by the conflict between the 2 communities

And, just to be clear, it may looks like a attack, but it’s not considered as one, Mad city just slowly recovered overtime and changed the mind of a few of them and it appears you’ll have to deal with the same way as Mad City did.

I don’t think i can say more about it, considering you know mad city much more than i do.

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I’m actually surprised games that use their own assets but the same concept get more dislikes rather than games that plain out use stolen assets and claim they own all of them.