Limb Damage Support

Right now im working on a dismemberment system and its being toggles by a value

And im trying to make the gun System ACS 1.7.5 Make the value go down when a bullet hits any limb.
I dont really know much about ACS but i know there is something in the mess of scripts that has limb damage


You could use Humanoid.Touched and detect if it is the bullet. But, to prevent the bullet from removing the guy who’s shooting’s limbs, you’d have to add a wait(.5) or whatever you want the wait to be

Inside of the ACS workspace folder contains the players username inside the bullet but i could change that. It might work with some tweaks to the acs scripts. :+1:

I made a script to detect if the bullet ("_Bullet") Has touched the Left arm and it didnt seem to work

if hit.Name == “_Bullet” then
script.Parent[“Left Arm”].Value.Value = 0
print (“Hit”)

So neither of the stuff i tried worked. The bullet is client sided and there is no server sided physical bullet. so its probably a raycast, and i have no idea how to detect if a raycast hit a part. but i appreciate your help.

Wait, is CanTouch on for the limbs?

Its fixed now i just had to modify the raycasting