Limiting number of Guis

limit number of GUI’S

So amongst developing my RPG I have noticed the need for many GUI’s (keep in mind i am new and oblivious)

For example let’s say I have 10 different shops in different areas, which might be light, do I have an independent screen GUI for each shop? How is this “supposed” to work? I feel like that is terribly inefficient.

Not to mention, the backpack GUI, misc NPC GUI, abilities GUI, etc.

You do you. There is no right way to do this. If you want to make a billion ScreenGuis, go ahead. Wanna make multiple frames inside a ScreenGui? Do that. It really depends on what you think is more organized.

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Personally I’d make the backpack, misc, and abilities GUI in separate ScreenGuis and then all the shops in a single ScreenGui

But yeah like he said there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this

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Other people say there is no real “right way” to do this.
I’m going to come back at that and say there is a better way to do this that enhances organization… and that is probably the “right” way for like 95% of developers… but that doesn’t mean that’s the way they will do it. Us human beings love defying logic sometimes in support of the idea that we individually know better than the research…

Psychologically it is best to have a minimally cluttered workspace (I don’t mean the literal Roblox workspace, I mean the place where you work including serverscriptservice, etc.) And you may be like “No I work better in a mess!”… No. You don’t. Almost nobody does, and there’s research to back this up.

So, I would simply make one UI design for each category, and then have a table of all the items so you can loop through the table, get the info of all the items, and clone the correct UI objects into the pre-made UI design template. It’s harder to screw up your items if it’s all organized in one nice table that replicates itself easily into the UI.

YAAAAASSSSS Thank you for that. I just literally tried that and i love the way it works. Good point on looping through table and cloning UI objects!

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Okay good to know. Just trying to figure out a way to be “efficient” not only for learning best practices but help the game be efficient as well. Ty for the input!