Limiting time on roblox studio

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Hi there! I am Taylor. I have chosen this category because it refers to help and game designing. I made a post a few weeks ago asking how i should manage my build time, and it really helped. However, I am in another position just like the previous one. I feel like I am spending too much time on my PC and on studio. I am on it during my homeschooling (about 3-4 hours) then when im finished working on school work, I am on it for another 2 hours. I feel like this is too much for a 14 year kid, who is near his GCSE’s. I am on studio, playing games on roblox, and teaching LUA pretty much all the time after i finish my school work, except for when i go outside and have a walk etc…

I am eating healthily and keeping my physical appearance to a good standard, just need to know how to limit my time building, scripting and going on my PC in general.

Any suggestions, just reply or contact me on developer forum!

Many thanks,
Taylor/Crrustyy :))


I know how you feel, I too literally did Home School and used Studio. My suggestion is make a check list figure up what you need to do. Then find your goals. There’s an old family guy joke but It’s pretty good that you can do.

“Wish it, want it, do it”

(Think of what you want) (Figure out how to do it) (Then do it)

You can also use a team so that there won’t be so much work/stress for you as a Dev. Also maybe try a spread sheets program if you choose to do a team if not maybe best to stick with a personal check list.


Thank you, I’ll give that a go! One question, would you recommend hiring friends or posting a post on developer forum?


So with hitting people there isn’t really enough room to say It’s all about your circumstance. If you’re looking for a simple fun work force I’d say friends. But if you’re really trying to get years of skill go for the forums. There are a lot of topics on this sort of question if you know where to look maybe try looking through discussion.

(Also I believe this should have been in discussion)


If you hire from here chances are you’ll be paying them, but if its just a passion project and you want to have fun, get some trustworthy friends to help you.


Alright, ill move it to discussion and thanks!



If you hire from here chances are you’ll be paying them, but if its just a passion project and you want to have fun, get some trustworthy friends to help you.

I think that’s 100% right except a “passion project” doesn’t always have to be DevForum members might I point out. There are play non Forum members due to the fact some don’t really like to join it. You’d just have to see where their skills are at and don’t be afraid to step in.

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Right, i agree.

There is some bad news though. In my school, everyone is too ‘cool’ to play roblox, except me. (some may secretly play it but i dont know) No one plays it due to the fact that they may get made fun of, or bullied, or they are trying to be popular ect…

This is a problem i have tried, but failed to get round. I don’t know anyone who will do things for free nowadays, as it is about fun sometimes, (like my project) and end up having no one to share it with.


I have also noticed that. Teenagers think they are too cool for Roblox, but that should not stop you! If you enjoy making video games then keep it up!
You never know, there might be people on the forums who would work with you for free. (I would be one of them, but I’m still working on some skills). So, just post a recruitment and see what happens. You might be surprised!


I am addicted to Roblox Studio, I don’t even play ROBLOX games that often. I spend approximately 5 - 7 hours a day during school days after school in studio and 10 - 12 hours a day during weekends / holidays / breaks. I have exams but I don’t study and I have to agree that this is affecting my life. I don’t even take breaks to stretch or take a walk. Even with the facts on the table I am constantly denying the fact that I need to take a break. It’s just something I can’t stop.

As for you, I recommending take breaks to make it a habit, if you were to continue everyday slightly expanding the time you put into development you may end up like me. Limit yourself to studio and do not become addicted. It will end up affecting your future.

As we speak I’m doing a open book history exam yet I’m still on dev forum.


First off, this is probably better fit for #discussion. This isn’t really asking for support on how to design a game.

You think that’s bad? Most people that age spend much more time online. Two hours is barely anything. You shouldn’t be worried unless it’s actively affecting your performance in school.


Hello, @Crrustyy As you know am 17 and it’s really hard limiting time on roblox even for me because I just love the game so much this is how I manage my time.

  • I play roblox for about 3 hours (I think you should do atleast 3 for now then keep going down by 30 mins or 15).
  • I have a day where I am not going to be online which is Sunday because start of the weekend and I just want to hang out with my friends/family)
  • When it’s school day’s I most hang out with my friends on my xbox (because I am in Esports got to train with my team).

What I think you should do is try hanging out with friends more and take a break just for one day or at least limit your time on one day.

My friends know I play roblox mostly and everyone at my schools know I love to play video games I see nothing wrong with you playing roblox at your age remember there are people who are order then us that play roblox.

Like, I said try to get a time when you want to be online fully and do at least 1 hour for each thing and have a 15 min break in the middle of it.

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Making a weekly schedule can help. I do this. I will redo it every few months.

I literally have time scheduled when I do any game development. Same with other things in life: gym, eating, reading, etc. You don’t have to be super strict about it, but it can help!


I mean, when im in the school season, i use too much Roblox Studio and i know it: (3-6 Hours) And when i’m not at the school season, i use Studio for about 6-12 Hours. Alot!

But what i would do is make a goal about what do you want to do, for example: I want to fix my code. If you finish that goal, you can take a day of not using Roblox Studio. I hope this helps! :+1:


Same thing here! I have exams in school and I’m on like this top set tier where everything gets harder and harder and focusing on studio whilst getting hard homework is hard as you don’t have enough headspace. It’s not good focusing on multiple things at once but I’m pretty much used to it.

I spend around 4 hours in Roblox Studio each day and I still get good grades in my school. If I have an exam the next day then I always will take my time to revise the day before the exam and then when the exam has finished then you could go back to normal, easy as that.

All I could say to you is you could probably make a weekly schedule or a timer so that you can manage your time efficiently! I wouldn’t do this because its kinda strict to me.

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I am the opposite. Obviously I would since I am 13 yrs old, but instead of having too much time on studio, I have not enough time. My goal is to finally start learning to program in the next few weeks. I also want to start working on a passion project. Same with you, everyone is too “cool” to play ROBLOX. There is a few people who do play ROBLOX, but they have confided in only other ROBLOX players. But they aren’t game designers -and don’t want to be- just playing ROBLOX. The only game developer that I know of in my school doesn’t program on ROBLOX, but uses Unity programming in CSharp.

I need to find time to learn to program. There isn’t any use for me to be here if I am not a developer.

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I mentioned my time on the PC before that, total about 5-6 hours.

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@Crazyman32 Has a plugin that can see how long you have been on Roblox Studio. You can just turn it on then the timer starts. If you turn it off it resets the timer. So you can watch that timer while you are making things.

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This is a tough question because it depends on the type of friends you have. And I feel like there is this stigma that working professionally with friends will lead to greed and mistrust and eventually a break apart of some sort.

But if it means anything to you, perhaps you trust your friends and they have some skill in game development - 3D designing, scripting, UI layout, game concepts, etc… They are probably going to make a better team than any DevForum team you will find.

Take for example, Llama Train Studio. They are a group of ~12 developers, at least 3 (but I think it’s 4, not certain) of which are siblings. Llando, tbradm, and I forget the other two but I believe they do 3D modelling. And look what a success their game was (PBB) and their new iteration Loomian Legacy is (although LL is not finished yet). They have a solid foundation, and they are probably close siblings and trust one another to work together. And they have skills.

If you know people with skills, then you can take over Roblox. Eventually you may make friends here on the DevForum and they could be your greatest opportunity to make something great.

Sorry if I redirected you to this thread, I just felt the urge to respond. Hope this provided some (if any) insight.


Yes… it’s the same for me, nobody else seems to play Roblox in my school, some people probably do secretly, because Roblox is a game for small kids. And they think it’s embarrassing for teenagers to play it, which is totally wrong.