LinkedSource scripts no longer save or can be edited

LinkedSource scripts no longer save changes.
LinkedSource scripts no longer allow me to publish existing changes.

This means I cannot edit or publish LinkedSources. It does nothing and loses all progress.

I’m using the latest version of Studio on the latest version of Windows 10. I’m not sure when this bug began, as I have not been able to develop games for about a week. This has completely blocked work on all of my games.

Repro for editing:

  1. Have a LinkedSource script
  2. Edit the LinkedSource script via the Explorer
  3. Close the LinkedSource script
  4. The changes will not be saved in draft form

Repro for saving:

  1. Have an edited LinkedSource script
  2. Right click and save the LinkedSource script via the Explorer
  3. The changes will not be published

The Plugin Debugging beta feature is what broke it.


The Plugin Debugging beta feature appears to break the ability to edit/save/open LinkedSources entirely in Studio even if you disable it. I would not recommend opting in if you use LinkedSources until it’s fixed.

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We’ve disabled the Plugin Debugging beta feature to prevent this from happening in other places. Investigating and fixing now!


I believe LinkedSource scripts are on their way out. Why are you still using them?

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I have tens of hundreds of LinkedSource scripts spread amongst various places. I’m hoping for there to be a tool to convert them into packages.

Any progress on the fix? I really need this enabled, at least the viewing-a-plugin-in-explorer part. If not, please post updates here! :slight_smile:

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I cannot open LinkedSource scripts (that do not have a draft), draft LinkedSource scripts (as I cannot open them), or publish LinkedSource scripts (it will not save) since the original date of this thread.

I would also love to hear a progress update. I’ve been unable to update any games using LinkedSources for over a week now. This is affecting current revenue due to my inability to update games and will impact revenue if I have to rush Halloween events.

Here’s a potentially relevant feature request I had written up:

In a game, you shouldn’t have more than 4 or 5 scripts total.

Regardless, this bug still is an issue, albeit I would like to note your practices make this circumstance a lot more rare.

I disagree with you. I’m talking about 3 game universes, each of which contains 10+ places within. These aren’t minigames, but semi-open world adventure games.

Game 1 has ~30 LinkedSources, game 2 has ~40 LinkedSources, and game 3 has ~30 LinkedSources. My original statement with hundreds looks to be an exaggeration after looking at the numbers, but each of these sources are located in ~40 unique place instances (some multiple times).

Thus, this means I would have to replace hundreds of LinkedSource scripts semi-manually with packages.

It’s fine that you don’t disagree with me, I don’t easily get butthurt; however, it is fact that every script in Roblox runs as a separate coroutine – for example, if your game has 25 active scripts, that means that there are 25 active pseudo-threads eating up memory. Thus, that is why I pointed that out.

I agree with you on this. I really wish Roblox had the flexibility to allow for the conversion to easily transition out of deprecated areas.

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Oh wow, that sounds like it would be a pain to update. You’re not alone though, I am in a similar situation. My distribution method uses a series of on-site modules to import code, sometimes with three or four degrees of recursion (one on-site module requiring another on-site module). Hopefully both of us can easily convert to Packages one day. For me at least, they have to be able to be used without needing the owner’s (my) permission. As long as this isn’t the case, I will have to stick to modules.

Assuming you are excluding ModuleScripts from the meaning of the word script here, why do you say this is the case? I often have as many as twenty separate scripts in a running game, each just requiring an on-site module. I’ve noticed no performance hit with this.

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I am excluding module scripts. In fact, best-optimized games typically only have about 2-3 scripts, using modules to run their code. That way, combined with event-based programming, coroutines are reduced.

We’re definitely getting away from the topic here but I’d be curious to hear your opinions about this in DMs.

That said, nearly 10 days with no update. Still can’t edit my LinkedSources which means I can’t edit my games. :sad:


I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person with this issue. I thought me clicking refresh in the Game pane irreversibly nuked all of my scripts.

I’m definitely converting my scripts over to embedded scripts and making use of packages after this and making backups, because bloody heck this made me panic big time.

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Also glad to hear! I haven’t been able to work for 2 weeks. :frowning:
I plan on doing the same, even if converting them over by hand will take weeks as well. :sweat_smile:

It took us a bit to find the cause of this issue, but LinkedSources should be functional again!

There’s some additional small LinkedSource bugs that popped up as well. We’ve fixed them and expect everything to be resolved within the next week or two.


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