Lioness Productions | Hiring dedicated developers, a scripter and modeler

About The Job

Hello, I am MarioUnreal, the founder of Lioness Productions. I want to start a large group that can create great games that will have an impact on Roblox. We are currently in need of a Scripter and Modeler. We are creating our first game, Samurai Simulator and need a dedicated team to achieve this.

Game Details

In samurai simulator, players will use different weapons, each of the weapons being unique and having its own skill. The game’s builds will be japanese styled with cherry blossom trees and a calm feel. To gain points, players will swing their weapons to gain Samurai Points which can be redeemed to obtain Tokens - with the ratio being 1:1 - which will be an in-game currency to purchase more swords and upgrade your skills’ level. As you advance more into the game, you will reach new levels, with certain rewards at each level. There will be prestige at certain levels which will help you unlock new bosses and better equipment. There will be multiple levels of energy such as Novice, Advanced and Samurai which can be unlocked by Sacrificing your Samurai Points. These levels of energy may multiply the Samurai Points you gain.


@TheUnRealMario - Builder / 15%
@SoaringKeyy - UI / 10%
@Ep1cGFX - Modeler / 15%
@This could be you - Scripter / 15%


To apply, please contact MarioUnreal#0001 on Discord and make sure your application answers these questions;

  • How old are you?
  • What work have you done in the past?
  • Proof of your work
  • Have you worked for big developers in the past?
  • Have you had a successful game?

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