List of instances, includes plr's backpack + tools that it is holding. Way to destroy specific instance using table.find?

I have a list of instances, that include the player’s backpack and the tool that they are holding. Is there a way to destroy a specific instance in a way such as the one below? (Although, it doesn’t work, which is why I am asking for help.)


If Tools represents a table containing tools[instances], and ‘Wood’ is the name of one of them,
You could just remove that instance from the table by doing:


If you want to check if a player has that tool in his backpack or his character, do :

local Backpack = Player.Backpack
local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()

if Backpack:FindFirstChild("Wood") and table.find(Tools,"Wood") then

I hope I understood you right